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Alexandra loves flowers and gardening. She grows lots of flowers for cutting and bunching as well as making informal floral arrangements for events and parties - using only British flowers and mainly her own home grown flowers.

Lots of edible flowers, herbs and salads are also grown over the summer months for use in the catering for events as well as for sale. Everything is grown without the use of pesticides and with lots of the flowers grown especially for the bees.

Alex is not a fan of the flower arranging foam oasis. The 'eco-friendly' one is only partially bio degradable so most arrangements are hand tied or in her collection of vintage jars and bottles.

Alex takes on small garden design projects and general gardening work as well as supplying and setting up raised vegetable beds in your garden. If you are not particularly green fingered or haven’t the time, Alex and Mat Nor can come and set up the raised bed or beds and plant them with vegetables. You can then take over or Alex and Mat Nor can maintain them over the growing season and keep them full of delicious things to eat for you and your family. Give Alex a ring to discuss ideas