FoodandFlowers - Event catering and flowers for any occasion

FoodandFlowers is run by Alexandra and Mat Nor, both of whom are passionate about food, cooking, plants and growing flowers and vegetables.

We are a small and very capable company catering for any occasion when you don’t want the stress of all the organising and cooking! We have a great local reputation for really special food, and a friendly, personal service that makes for a truly memorable event.

The FoodandFlowers ethos is very rustic and homemade. Based in West Sussex, we cook delicious food as well as growing lots of herbs, salads, flowers and edible flowers; our cut flowers are for sale as well as for our own use. Alexandra and Mat Nor each have over 25 years of experience cooking and in the catering trade and so are knowledgeable and helpful when planning and catering for your special event, drawing on the combined skills and knowledge of their very different culinary backgrounds.

At FoodandFlowers we also try to steer customers toward picking seasonal menus where possible, and encourage them to consider the impact their food choices will have on our suffering planet. We run a completely palm oil free kitchen and are trying to minimise our use of single use plastics; this is hard in the catering trade but there is usually another option. We try to use local suppliers thereby reducing the distance ingredients have to travel, and to source organic ingredients when we can. Tiny efforts in a huge global problem but better than doing nothing at all.

When organising an event there are many ways to reduce your waste. We are on hand to help you plan the purchases you are making for this one special day and offer alternative ideas when we can, the most obvious being jugs of tap water versus water bottled in plastic bottles...again little changes to help the bigger problem.